FOSA Vacuum Food Canister 3×33.8oz BC31000

  • FOSA Vacuum Food Canisters – set of 3, 3×33.8oz (L8.14*W5.39*H2.87inch) Vacuum unit is not included in this SKU
  • Keep food fresher longer
  • Cut off odor contamination and humidity
  • Stackable canisters help create a well-organized kitchen
  • BPA free and food grade plastic material used for canister


The FOSA TURTLE Vacuum System fits with these medium size canisters. FOSA Food Vacuum Storage System — FOSA = FRESH FOSA keeps food fresh by PUMPING the air OUT of canisters. Vacuum unit is not included in this SKU.



Data sheet

TURTLE Vacuum Pump
TURTLE Vacuum Pump Not Included In This Box
1000ml Canister Set
(L)207mm x (W)137mm x (H)73mm