It was said that the culinary culture of the people of Spain dates back to two thousand years ago. But no matter how long it has been, it is a country with a strong Mediterranean cooking tradition using healthy and fresh ingredients. With this strong tradition, preserving food has always been a monumental challenge.

One of the founders of the FOSA® brand was absolutely in love with the Spanish dish Paella. He travels around Spain to watch Paella competition in different cities, and more importantly, to taste Paella of different regions of Spain.

At the end of these Paella competitions, he was very upset to see a lot of delicious Paella leftover which was thrown out as garbage.

The determination to save these beautifully cooked Paella dishes started this gentleman’s quest to develop a food storage system that is much better than any other food storage products in the market.

The food vacuum storage system by FOSA® marks the beginning of the FOSA® brand…

And there will be many more innovative products coming…