FOSA Reusable Vacuum Food Storage Bags Sous Vide Bag 3 Sizes, mixed size S4*M4*L6 (14pcs/pack) with V-adapter

  • Special pack, Mixed size S4*M4*L6 (14pcs/pack) with V-adapter (TURTLE Vacuum Pump not included in this box)
  • One-touch operation with the use of FOSA TURTLE V-adapter
  • FOSA TURTLE can be used with many products in the FOSA collection including vacuum bag, vacuum food canister, vacuum glass jug, etc.
  • Vacuum bag with reinforced double “zipper lock” and BPA-Free material used
  • Perfect for SOUS VIDE cooking; quick vacuum marinating; prevents freezer burn and vacuum sealed to keep odor in the bag



  • Keep food fresher longer.
  • Help you save money as less food will be wasted!
  • Pump out air from the vacuum bag in seconds.
  • Preserve original taste of food longer.
  • Cut off odor contamination and humidity.
  • Ideal for prepared meals, meat, fish, fruits, etc…

intelligent, automatic vacuum pump, create high vacuum level,  cordless, operated with 4 x AA battery, low power consumption  safe, food grade material used and BPA free

One-Touch Operation Just “Press” and “Go”

Innovative Technology One-touch operation with a precision electronic pressure monitoring system Auto pop-up function once the  vacuum seal has been reached Clean & Simple Design Turtle pump is cordless, making it more convenient to useFOSA vacuum pump quickly removes oxygen from the Containers with the press of a button Designed to fit all FOSA accessory containers and bags Its sleek compact designs allows for easy storage


Data sheet

TURTLE Vacuum Pump
TURTLE Vacuum Pump Not Included In This Box
L SIZE 10 x 14 inches (6 pcs)
M SIZE 8 x 12 inches (4 pcs)
S SIZE 6 x 10 inches (4 pcs)
1 PC
1 PC